Quotes of the Day: The Stock Market Would Absolutely Love Janet Yellen At the Treasury Helm!

In yesterday’s morning note I shared the following from my recent entry to our internal research thread:

“…it is highly likely that when we see the slightest letup in Fed accommodation and/or the willingness of government to stimulate abates, all hell breaks loose… Which will in all likelihood be met — at notably lower levels from here — with the Fed literally, via a treasury SPV, buying equity ETFs; their foray into junk bonds is merely one step away.”

Here’s the headline from yesterday afternoon:

“Biden is considering Janet Yellen for Treasury Secretary”

Okay, sooooo….? Well, here’s what I wrote back on February 17th:

“The icing on the cake came last week when ex-Fed chair Janet Yellen suggested that it might be a good idea for the Fed to buy corporate stocks and bonds during the next downturn.”

Stay tuned… 



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