Quote of the Day: The Fed Sees, and Fears, Inflation

Hey, I think I found one!

Yesterday I blogged:

“…while I’ve located no pundit so far who agrees with me, so I could be off the mark, I’m thinking that the change is not about the Fed committing to do whatever it takes to generate a little healthy inflation, but rather it’s about the Fed recognizing that when you take all that they’re doing, throw on a massive amount of fiscal spending (infrastructure, etc.), lo and behold they may finally “succeed” after all in creating some real inflation. And if they responded as their old commitment to price stability dictated, well, they’d then run the risk of catalyzing the crumbling of the global debt edifice that supports present-day asset valuations — yes, that’s as potentially catastrophic as it sounds…”

Here’s Professor Richard Werner, author of the provocative Princes of the Yen, an absolute must for all of you central bank/econ history geeks out there (if you prefer, this video documentary, is excellent):

“Remember the talking heads are predicting deflation. Yet the Fed is preparing its alibi for significant inflation, as if it’s a difficult goal they’re fighting to achieve. It’s going to be easy.”


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