Quick Note On This Morning’s Action

Here’s the last paragraph to this week’s message; posted Saturday:

“That optimistic message aside, as for the equity markets, expect more of the highly volatile action we’ve seen of late. Among other immediate uncertainties (such as the fate of Brexit, Italy’s political woes, and the latest on the Saudi journalist’s murder), after a positive finish to last week inspired by optimism over trade, U.S. VP Pence and Chinese President Xi offered up competing narratives that sounded anything but conciliatory. We’ll know how the market views that (and other “immediate uncertainties”) first thing Monday morning.”

Dow’s down 245 as I type.

Here’s the first paragraph from Bloomberg’s narrative this morning:

“U.S. stocks fell, with megacap technology shares leading the drop as investors grew pessimistic about escalating trade tensions between the Trump Administration and China.”

Makes perfect sense…  


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