Now who’s seeking to put U.S. workers at a disadvantage?

I have two questions for Sean Spicer, spokesman for the President-elect, in response to (emphasis mine):

Asked whether an auto border tax could impact Canada, President-elect Donald Trump’s spokesman, Sean Spicer, told reporters their policy isn’t specific to any one country. “When a company that’s in the U.S. moves to a place, whether it’s Canada or Mexico, or any other country seeking to put U.S. workers at a disadvantage,” Spicer said on a conference call Friday, then Trump “is going to do everything he can to deter that.”

1. Of the hundreds of millions of Americans who don’t work for the auto industry, and who buy cars, aren’t the majority of them U.S. workers?

2. And while forcing a higher cost of a car onto them, won’t the folks who work for their local merchants be disadvantaged as well — as the border tax will suck up what would’ve been the car buyers’ discretionary income?

Seriously folks, looks like the U.S. is the country seeking to put U.S. workers at a disadvantage. And, believe me, it can do it like no other country can!

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