Life as we know it will change forever if ________ wins next Tuesday! Yep, it’s over if  _______ becomes President! This once great nation, if not the entire planet, will descend into ruin if ________’s policies are enacted! Yep, you better watch the World Series finale tonight, because if _______ wins the election, this’ll be last one you ever get to enjoy. Hell, we’ll be lucky if the NFL gets to finish its season. Easter will be cancelled, forget about next year’s vacation, and Christmas, well, there’s no way! Forget about telling your kids or your kids’ kids to get a college education, there’ll be no use! Besides, the money you’ve invested on their, not to mention your own, behalf will be zeroed out under a _______ presidency! Famine will spread like wildfire! Wildfire will spread like wildfire! Good Lord! We’ll be doomed!!

All kidding aside, we do have a lot to worry about in the years ahead, regardless of, and well beyond, who becomes President for the next 4, or 8, years! I mean what are we going to do as we evolve into the 21st Century, with its self-driving clean cars and energy efficient homes and factories? How will we deal with the incredible advancements that are forever the results of the freeing up of human capital in a technological age? What’ll we do when tech-savvy capitalists infiltrate the frontier nations and harness all of that human capital, curing diseases and ending starvation in the process? How indeed will the healthier, happier, smarter and safer children of tomorrow handle the unbridled prosperity that will be theirs to enjoy?

Well, I pray that they’ll be far more aware, and appreciative, of the miraculous progress that will occur right under their noses than we all (well, a lot of us) have been to this point! Look around you, then rewind your memory a few decades, you age 50+ folks, and think about it. And remember how awful you felt when ___________ and/or ___________ and/or ___________ won the White House back in ____ and/or ____ and/or ____. How silly were you?!

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