Quote of the Day: The Powerless (compared to government) Rich

Sure, rich folks, like all folks, are capable of doing bad (as well as good) things. However, their power to do bad things to citizens at large doesn’t remotely compare to that of government (not to say that all things government are necessarily bad). 
Borrowing today’s Quote of the Day from Don Boudreaux’s Quotation of the Day

Walter Williams 

Let’s look at the power of the rich.  With all the money that [Bill] Gates, [Jeff] Bezos and other superrich people have, what can they force you or me to do?  Can they condemn our houses to create space so that another individual can build an auto dealership or a casino parking lot?  Can they force us to pay money into the government-run – and doomed – Obamacare program?  Can they force us to bus our children to schools out of our neighborhood in the name of diversity?  Can they force us to buy our sugar from a high-cost domestic producer rather than from a low-cost Caribbean producer? The answer to all of these questions is a big fat no.

You say, “Williams, I don’t understand.”  Let me be more explicit.  Bill Gates cannot order you to enroll your child in another school in order to promote racial diversity.  He has no power to condemn your house to make way for a casino parking lot.  Unless our elected public officials grant them the power to rip us off, rich people have little power to force us to do anything.  A lowly municipal clerk earning $50,000 a year has far more life-and-death power over us.  It is that type of person to whom we must turn for permission to build a house, ply a trade, open a restaurant and do myriad other activities.  It’s government people, not rich people, who have the power to coerce us and rip us off.  They have the power to make our lives miserable if we disobey.

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