The Leaders Are Losing Their Shorts

Each week I track the short-interest (the extent to which traders are betting on a fall) in major averages and select individual securities…

I thought I’d share some of what I added to our research thread this morning. I.e., the more our clients understand what goes on down in the weeds, the more they can put volatility into perspective when it shows up. 

The five stocks featured, by the way, are essentially the market these days (huge concentration therein).


The white line is price, the others are short-interest metrics… Note the huge drop, particularly in amzn, msft and apple, as they went parabolic. Shorts were bailing big time, which absolutely fed the rallies… Those are 5-year charts…. I.e., there’s a leg of the support stool that’s now gone missing. I.e., these stocks are more vulnerable to more than a small dip than they’ve been in awhile.


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