Quote of the Day: Keeping Sight of the Diamond

Skimming through some of my highlights in past readings last night I stumbled across this from Vizi Andrei’s Economy of Truth.

I think it’s timely, given current conditions:

“The battery for creativity is a diamond placed somewhere deep under the sea. Struggle to find it, and you’ll trouble the water. It will get blurry — you won’t be able to see anything. Swim patiently, and the water will become calm and clear. You’ll see the diamond shining before you know it.”

Imagine the struggle — the blurred vision — of the investor, or, for that matter, the investment manager who allows him/herself to be influenced by the crazy market action of late.

The answer to where we ultimately go from here, I assure you, isn’t in the price action, it’s below the surface. We therefore swim calmly and patiently, so as to not lose sight of the true state of underlying general conditions — “the diamond”, if you will…


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