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I’m fascinated by the following:

Korea FSS Warns Individual Investors of ‘Reckless’ Stock Buying

(Bloomberg) Financial Supervisory Service says individual investors need “wide and prudent” investment in stocks as high volatility, which is different from previous financial crisis, makes market forecasting difficult.

  • Individual investors should be aware that the final responsibility for investment judgment lies with them.

    South Korea’s financial regulator is actually cautioning Korean citizens to tread carefully when it comes to the stock market. 

    Again, fascinating! And, frankly, (albeit a bit late) refreshing! As, at times over the years, I’ve found myself frustrated with the stewards of the U.S. financial system. Specifically during the run-up to 2008, as conditions were clearly waning, and prior to the current recession — yes, we were aggressively sounding the alarms herein back in the summer of last year (and hedging portfolios), while the Fed was telling Americans how robust and resilient the economy was, essentially giving folks the green light to take all the risk their hearts’ desired.

    So, did the Fed really not see the growing fragility we were discovering, and illustrating herein, or were they afraid that if folks were made aware of the risks they’d actually act on them? Not sure which is worse…

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