Quote of the Day: Prospects Were Already Tentative

Per yesterday’s note, quote-worthy pundits are hard to come by — above all they have to exhibit objectivity: I.e., goes without saying that their perspectives had to have been compelling enough to keep me engaged for a few years, supported by data, and, importantly, they (perspectives) would’ve had to have evolved as conditions change. In other words the bearish “experts” who perennially warn of doom, and the bulls who do the opposite aren’t worth a minute of your time.

Grant Thornton’s chief economist Diane Swonk is definitely quote-worthy. 

Here’s a snippet from her twitter feed this morning (I recommend you click the link and read the entire thread), this will sound familiar:

“Just back from intense set of meeting with economists and policy makers across industries and countries. A couple of themes emerged:

Dissonance between equity and bonds markets becoming deafening – something has to give.

Prospects global rebound prior to COVID-19 outbreak were tentative – we were not seeing the synchronous recoveries we saw at start of 2018. Trade wars did damage, but problems global economy faces extend well beyond trade wars alone.”


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