Quote of the Day: Remarkable, and, alas, typical…

If you’ve been with me the past few months you’ve been introduced to the current state of the corporate debt market, and the kind of unbridled risk-taking that characterizes bubbly credit markets in general.

The following from Bloomberg today is remarkable, and, alas, typical:

“It’s risk-on in the leveraged loan market as the prices on Single B rated loans rally and ease the way for more riskier deals. Investors are now getting paid 1.78 points more on Single Bs than on higher-rated Double Bs, which is the lowest premium in about six months, according to Credit Suisse Leveraged Loan indexes. That’s quite a turnaround from November when that gap hit 3.78, its widest since the summer of 2016.”

But like I said earlier today: “Time will tell… tops are messy, and they can take awhile.”


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