What Politicians Will Do When Staring Down Defeat

Sorry, can’t help it, this one’s simply too revealing not to share.

Argentine president Mauricio Macri, in a bid to remain president — after getting trounced in a primary over the weekend — promises the following:

1. Tax breaks
2. Bonuses
3. A higher minimum wage
4. And a break on fuel prices for 90 days

Two points: Politicians know that folks vote their pocketbooks, and politicians will do virtually anything to keep their jobs. 

Problem being, if they wait till their nation’s economy has rolled over, it’ll be too late to bribe themselves back into favor. 

At times, alas, despite the incumbent’s blatant shadiness (willingness to bribe them), the unsuspecting populace — having ousted the old regime — ends up with something even worse. And that looks to be the case in Argentina’s situation. 

At least that’s what its stock market sure seems to think:


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