Generation Z May Surprise You — OR — Is Millennial Socialism a Byproduct of a Strong Economy?

So, do the macroeconomic conditions prevailing during one’s upbringing impact one’s idea(s) of how things should be?

Recently I offered my two-cents on “millennial socialism”, as, apparently, per the polls, a large swath of millennials share “socialist” values. The following, from Visual Capitalist, introduces us to the next generation to enter the fold; Generation Z, those born between 1997 and the early 2010s, who make up 25.9% of the population.

While one might think that the group immediately following the millennials would simply represent an extension of millennialthink, well… maybe not:

BTW: The above doesn’t do justice to the entire piece

As untutored in the ways of world economies as I believe Generation Millennial may be, I indeed find its enthusiasm refreshing. Now, Visual Capitalist has me wondering; had — during its formative years — the bulk of this generation that gives rise to an entirely unempirical view of how to approach the U.S. economy bore witness to tougher general (of course some endured tough times individually) conditions, would it not have a greater understanding of, and appreciation for what ultimately makes America such a uniquely prosperous nation? Food for thought….


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