Today’s Log Entry


Big overnight gains in Asia and Europe didn’t translate to gains in the U.S..

Clearly, traders are awaiting feedback from this week’s trade talks in Beijing. News that the U.S. is set to go hard against Huawei – in the pushing for extradition of their CEO (from Canada), the pending executive order banning U.S. tech firms form buying Huawei components, and the T-Mobile/Huawei trial set to begin on Feb 28th – has market players hesitant on trade talk outcomes: I.e., doubting the narrative that these issues can be in sentiment addressed separate from trade negotiations.

The ongoing angst sets the stage for big rallies on legitimately positive news coming from the negotiations. And of course the opposite on any suggestion that talks may break down and that tariffs will rise as scheduled on March 1st.

An agreement to avert another government shutdown in the meantime would likely result in merely a short-lived rally.


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