This Week’s Message: Wild Week Coming

The coming week is bound to be a wild one for the markets: Fed Chair Powell reports to Congress on Wednesday and we get the November jobs number on Friday. And while either, or both, could indeed shake up the market, both, in terms of potential impact, utterly pale in comparison to the Trump/Xi meeting happening today. 

If the two leaders emerge with a shared credible message of peace on the trade war front, we should expect a warm greeting from the stock market come Monday morning (assuming the announcement comes tomorrow) — operative word being “credible”. If they do not, well, when I say “a wild one” I mean wild in either direction.

In light of pending events, I think it’s timely to make this week’s message the same weekly message I offered up when the stock market was just off the depths of this year’s first correction. I titled it “Feeling At Home In The Markets”, here’s the link.

Here’s a snippet:

“Of course the stock market can be a very fickle thing; there will be times when my portfolio gets drawn down a notch, or twenty notches, when share prices don’t gibe with general conditions. I can get excited, scared, frustrated, whatever, when that happens, but my, what a colossal waste of time! I mean, all I gotta do is pay attention to the data, look around and see what folks are doing to know whether I should stay the course with what I got, or whether it’s time to rotate to what conditions call for. Over time if I simply do that consistently I believe I’ll do quite well; have to this point anyway.”


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