Be Careful What You Ask For!

If you’re at all inspired by the politically-popular (in some circles) notion that China’s economic pain (say, when — due to U.S. tariffs — producers en masse move their manufacturing facilities elsewhere), somehow equates to U.S. industry’s gain, consider the following:

This weekend saw the biggest sales day of the year take place in China, of which over 18,000 of the brands taking part were international, from over 74 countries according to Alibaba.”

“There are over 1.4 billion people living in China – and 772 million of them are currently connected to the internet. Those numbers keep growing. And what’s more, we’re seeing the rise of the largest middle class in history in this region. So the ability to advertise in China opens brands up to an absolutely huge new pool of potential customers with increasing disposable income.”

The investment implications (read your portfolio) are utterly huge in the years to come…


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