A win for U.S. solar manufacturers, a loss for U.S. consumers!!

One step closer to a win for U.S. solar manufacturers, one step closer to a loss for U.S. consumers, and, ironically, the industry itself:   emphasis mine…

U.S. Solar Makers Win Ruling on Imports, Sending Case to Trump
(Bloomberg) —
International Trade Commission determined that U.S. solar manufacturers are being harmed by imports, advancing a trade complaint to President Donald Trump to decide if tariffs or quotas should be imposed.

  • After the 4-0 vote ITC is next set to deliver its recommendations to address import surge to Trump by Nov. 13; Trump will decide remedy after that
  • The decision threatens to upend $29 billion U.S. solar industry, most of which opposes the effort; they argue that inexpensive imports have driven a boom in domestic solar projects 
  • Case brought by Georgia-based Suniva Inc., which is seeking import duties of 40 cents a watt for solar cells, and a floor price of 78 cents a watt for panels
  • NOTE: Current average is about 32 cents worldwide

Looks like the growth in clean-energy homes, and the corresponding huge savings to consumers (and the corresponding huge benefits to the businesses where consumers spend those huge savings) is about to slow markedly. 🙁

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