The Administration’s ‘Market’ Faces Face-Off

As I’ve suggested here a number of times since the election, from an economic/investment standpoint, the new administration wears two distinct faces.

Its pro-market face expresses a desire to deregulate industry, demystify the corporate tax code and rebuild some infrastructure. Its anti-market face expresses a contempt for existing trade agreements and a defiance of international protocol.

I’ve also suggested that a strongly bullish trend in the stock market can be a tough thing to derail. And, yes, as I’ve illustrated — based on the data presently at our disposal — the market setup looks good to me.

Now, bull markets forever suffer dips and corrections, and while the media will jump all over this morning’s triple-digit Dow decline as being sparked by the weekend’s events, we simply do not know that that’s the reason. In fact, given the infinite forces that move the market at any given moment, we simply cannot know. That said, it isn’t a stretch to assume that certain comments/actions coming from high offices do indeed spark/exacerbate reactions (if only short-term) in financial markets, and of course certain policies do indeed pose long-term implications.

If the setup is as strong as present data suggest, this dip will soon (all dips [historically-speaking] eventually) get bought… But no promises…

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